Monday, 16 January 2017

⭐WELCOME πŸ‘‰ My First Post

Hello! Welcome to My Blog. 

You think, Who I am? 

So, I'm A. R. Choudhury.  My educational Qualification is M. Sc in Biochemistry. I'm from India & currently living in the USA.  If you want to know more about me, then go down of this page, you will find my all Social Networks there.

So now, Come to the point. I know you have not subscribed this blog. I will tell you why you subscribe this channel! 

This blog is about:

  • How To Do Anything, 
  • Facts about Anything, 
  • Top 10, 
  • Famous Celebrity LifeStyle, 
  • Product review and Much More. 

Our articles are:

  • Informative, 
  • Educational, and 
  • Occasionally Funny. 

Browse my blog for tutorial articles on,

  • Health, Fitness, 
  • Bodybuilding,
  • Food and Drink, 
  • Relationships, 
  • Fashion, 
  • Technology & much more. 

In one word, you will find all your general query here. If you will not found your solution, then comment bellow in his video. I will make a video only for you. 

I upload new videos 4 to 5 times a week. 

So What are you thinking?, Subscribe to my blog now, to see every future upload. Thank you for visiting The A. R. Choudhury.

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